By Grady Smith
Updated February 04, 2012 at 06:12 PM EST

The found footage craze isn’t over yet!

Chronicle, Fox’s teen superpower adventure, flew higher than any other movie on Friday, pulling in a strong $8.7 million. The picture (and all movies) will likely fall by a hefty 65-75 percent on Super Bowl Sunday, and due to its young audience, it might not receive a big bump on Saturday (teens tend to rush to the theater on opening night). Still, it should be able to pull in a robust $21 million this weekend — more than enough to make Fox, which spent just $15 million on the film, very happy.

But will that be enough to beat The Woman in Black? The Daniel Radcliffe spookfest screamed up $8.3 million yesterday, and it also played well with the under-25 demographic. It may finish in the same ballpark as Chronicle with about $21 million as well, so the weekend crown is still up for grabs. Here’s hoping the Super Bowl will be as exciting as the box office!

The Grey stuck around in third place with $3.1 million, a 52 percent drop from last Friday. Liam Neeson’s wolf vs. man adventure may find $9 million this weekend. Universal’s new release Big Miracle filled up the fourth place slot with a $2.3 million opening day. The family-friendly whale story, which stars Drew Barrymore, is looking at a debut just under $8 million.

One for the Money will cling onto the Top 5 for one last weekend. The Katherine Heigl rom-com earned $1.7 million yesterday, and may earn about $5.5 million through Sunday. Check back tomorrow for the full box office report. For now, here’s the Top 5 on Friday:

1. Chronicle – $8.7 million

2. The Woman in Black – $8.3 mil

3. The Grey – $3.1 mil

4. Big Miracle – $2.3 mil

5. One for the Money – $1.7 mil

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