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Hello from New York! That’s right, I’m back from my TV travels in the south, and, naturally, I’ve brought back a few goodies for y’all.

First, I have a little scoop from the set of The Vampire Diaries, courtesy of Kat Graham (who rocks the most awesome hair in the video below!). Also, in case you missed it, make sure you check out my chat with Candice Accola, with extra scoop from a really fun brunch I attended with some Vampire boys. (Fact: I sat next to the incredibly chivalrous Ian Somerhalder and I might never wash the top of my kissed right hand again. I don’t mind sounding gushy in this case; I’m only human, people!)

And you’ll also find some scoop from the set of Teen Wolf, where I sat down with the whole cast. More goodies from that will come your way close to the show’s summer premiere, but what kind of friend would I be if I teased the visit and didn’t deliver?

But my monster week didn’t stop me from also packing lots of goodies for the non-supernatural-loving set in this week’s column, so I hope you enjoy. All I ask in return is that you keep the conversation going by asking questions! Send ’em all my way: or via Twitter. Thanks, y’all!


It looks like Caroline’s dad (Yup, I’m still crying) is only the tip of the death iceberg on Vampire Diaries.

Now that we know the originals are ALL here, and ready to have a ball (literally and figuratively) with the gang from Mystic Falls, I can share with you a fun conversation I had with the lovely Kat Graham while on the set of Vampire Diaries this week, in which we talked a little bit about the episodes (and CHAOS!) to come. “The show is very epic. The storylines move really really quick. [It’s] definitely one of the fastest storylines I’ve ever been a fan of watching or that I’ve been involved with. So there will be developments that are going to happen [in every episode],” she says. “The episodes with the originals are going to start reaching a head and you’re not going to know whose going to die and whose going to survive and what plans really are going to work this time. And what plans are going to be stopped and thwarted. So some really massive confrontations are definitely going down… that WILL result in death.”

With no one safe, Graham is simply counting her lucky stars that this year has given her such a meaty and satisfying storyline with her mother (played by Persia White). And while their coffin mission might be over, Graham says the same certainly can’t be said for their mother-daughter issues. “There’s still stuff to hash out,” she says. “If somebody does something to you that really really hurts you and has created a ripple effect in your life, you don’t really forget about that and you have to go back and deal with them. You sort of go back into a protective mode because you feel like they’re going to go back and do it again. So Bonnie feels like her mother has to win her trust.”

Want more from Graham? Check out our full chat:


Teen Wolf doesn’t kick off until summer, but while in Atlanta, I got a chance to meet a few of the new faces (and some old faves!) who you’ll be seeing in season 2. So I thought it’d be nice to have two introductions:

Gage Golightly plays Erika, a high school pariah whose days of lonely lunchtimes and hallway shame are over after being bitten by a werewolf. In an instant, she’s “the girl who walks in the cafeteria and forks drop,” says Golightly. “It’s very fun to play that whole transformation and just be able to get back at everybody who made fun of her all those years.” In more teasy news: Golightly says her favorite scene so far is when she shares a “sexually intense” scene in the morgue with [REDACTED].

Sinqua Walls, who you might remember from season 3 of Friday Night Lights, plays new “troublemaker” Boyd, who “brings an interesting animalistic nature” to the show. Boyd, after finding new physical strength, joins the lacrosse team and gains newfound confidence. But, Walls says, his sudden transformation doesn’t erase all traces of his insecure past. “I hope to show the slow maturation from going really insecure to being confident,” he says. “Inside, [he still has] those nerves and anxieties and self-consciousness.”

Elsewhere, I also caught up with Dylan O’Brien, who told me that this season would find one of my favorite teen BFF duos (Stiles and Scott) pursuing different paths. “I think Stiles kind of had to take the reigns last year with Scott, who was more in a state of panic and wasn’t quite ready to handle all the werewolf endeavors. Stiles picked up the slack. This year, Scott and Stiles separate a little bit — not as friends, but in their storylines in a sense,” he shares. “I think Stiles is going to have a lot more to deal with on his own this year.” Among it all? Possibly a date or two with Lydia! Well, he hesitates to call them dates — instead opting for “forced-hang out occasions” — but I’m going to go there and say date. Because that has to happen.

NEXT: Psych, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, and more!


Sandra, you’re the only person who listens to my calls for scoop from my beloved USA shows! So Psych me, please! — Billie

This season’s finale is going to blow your socks off. Two words: Kama sutra. Just kidding! (Sort of.) But in the episode, a case from the past suddenly reopens that puts Jules in danger and makes Shawn’s dad begin to doubt his skills. It all leads to a shocking decision and an even more shocking conclusion. Yes, there’s a cliffhanger.

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WTF, Gossip Girl. WTF! This 100th episode had me both shocked and enraged. But now, I’m just eager. Chuck and Blair! Georgina as Gossip Girl? I have too many questions, so I’ll settle for anything! — Kim

How about a nifty peek at Monday’s episode? Assuming your answer is yes, I advise you to watch my Twitter for the latest.

[Knock, Knock] Leonard and Penny scoop. [Knock, Knock] Leonard and Penny scoop. [Knock, Knock] Leonard and Penny scoop. — Leslie

Leslie. Leslie. Leslie. Here you go: Even though Leonard and Penny were having fun making out in the dark in last night’s episode, I wouldn’t count on total smooth sailing following their sorta reconciliation during the 100th episode. “If it goes smoothly, there’s not a lot of comedy in that,” Johnny Galecki tells EW. “I’m surprised that the writers have decided to revisit the relationship. I’m very grateful, and I think they are handling it brilliantly. But I think they [Penny and Leonard] have a lot of maturing to go. … Leonard has a lot of work to do on his confidence still and Penny on her fear of emotion and love and commitment. Big issues.” And while he admits that he didn’t see their reunion coming, he now predicts that the issues he thought would keep them apart aren’t likely to be so big that they split them up again — at least for now, he says. “I just assumed that they would need some more time to mature and figure some stuff out. But that’s not to say that they can’t do that together either.”

Let’s get some Big Bang scoopage! Maybe some Wolowitz and Bernadette love? — B.J.

If you would have asked me a week ago, I would have put the odds of a Wolowitz/Bernadette wedding by the end of the season at 80/20. But Melissa Rauch isn’t so confident. “I think it’s 50/50, knowing Howard and Bernadette. I don’t know where it’s going to end up,” she says. “[And] we’re going to be talking more about Howard going into space, which is really fun.” Could it be possible Howard will have to choose between a trip to space and his out-of-this-world, awesome fiance? Stay tuned.

Hi Sandra — What are you hearing about the new season of Army Wives? I’m desperately missing our favorite tribe. Any scoop? Or a start date? – Jill

Army Wives returns March 4, and while I don’t have any specific intel, I can tell you where you’ll be able to see Army Wives (and Oz) alum Lee Tergesen very soon: The Big C! Tergesen will play Kirby, Cathy’s (Laura Linney) new, tattooed confidante, for four episodes (as of now).

A long shot, but the return of Breaking Bad seems SO far away, hoping you have a little something to hold us over. — Kevin

Aaron Paul (who plays Jesse Pinkman) is pretty much in the dark like the rest of us. But he did share that this season will find Jesse “happy to be alive” and “pleased that Brock didn’t die,” but also, he teased, “struggling to fight over his inner demons” after being overcome with guilt. But what ever could he be feeling guilty about? Wink. Nudge.

News of this Parenthood wedding has me SOOOO excited!! PLEASE tell me it’s Sarah and Mark! — Jenna

Are you the type of person who only likes to hear what they want to hear? If so, avert your eyes. It’s not them. But I will say I’m pretty happy about the couple who IS walking down the aisle. (Some of you might disagree, though.)

I have a Revenge question. I know you can’t say WHO the killer is or the killed person, but I want to know what my reaction will be. — Robyn

Satisfaction — at least according to EP Mike Kelley. “I’m hoping for satisfaction, and I think that there will be some gasps, some ‘I told you so.'” Let’s take this one to the polls! (My top three guesses are listed.)

After the murder on Revenge, are we going to switch locations for the trial? — Josh

Not immediately. “For a lot of reasons, our key players will be staying in the Hamptons in the off season,” Kelley assures.

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RYAN’S SONG If Kelly were the inventor of Wupfh, she would have invented Wuphf!

I’m still not sure how to feel about this Office spin-off. On one hand, this show needs some new juice fast. On the other, not sure I’d be up for an entire show about the farm adventures of Dwight. Thoughts? — A.J.

Fact: I’d like the idea 100 time more if Creed Bratton snags the dream role he described to us. “I’d be an animal trapper coming in there to get some animals off his farm and [Dwight] would shoot me with a 12-gauge,” he says. Okay, maybe substitute the words “tranquilizer gun” for “12-gauge” and then I’m on board. In related news, B.J. Novak tells EW that fans will see Dwight’s farm again this season in an upcoming episode written and directed by Paul Lieberstein. (Related: ‘Office’ scoop: Cast talks Rainn Wilson spin-off, renewal odds)

Hi Sandra, I’m a fan of Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds. He was having headaches earlier in the season. Do you know if that will be revisited. Also, do you have any scoops you can share about Criminal Minds in general? Thanks — Kim F.

The case is sorta closed for now, according to showrunner Erica Messer. But that could very well change if Sue Sylvester can tear herself away from McKinley High for a brief re-appearance on the show. “It’s hard to do another big Reid story about his health without having Jane Lynch in it,” she says. “It just feels false to us, and we haven’t been able to get her since she’s been on Glee. Our hope is that we’ll do that in Season 8. We need to get Matthew [Gray Gubler] and Paget [Brewster]’s contracts done so that we have them for Season 8. Then, we’ll explore that story more then because we’re almost done this year breaking episodes.” The team had considered bringing up the issue in the recent Reid-centric “True Genius,” but Messer says, Gubler agreed that it was best to hold out for Lynch. “We hear about a pre-glaucoma condition that he discusses in an episode just as throwaway stuff, but overall, I think it just adds another level to your shell of who you are. For Reid, he struggles with headaches. We all have moments where those kind of things — health issues — creep up with us and either you get over it or it’s always going to be an issue for you.”

Is there going to be a time jump on the next new episode of The Walking Dead? Are they still on the farm? — Dave

No time jump. It picks up right where we left off — and it’s just as emotional, too. In fact, it proves a lot to handle for poor Hershel and a select few must venture off the farm in order to go find him after he runs off to seek liquid comfort. But one persons solo adventure away from farmville might leave them in grave danger.

I would love some Grimm scoop. — Sue

You’re going to find out very soon why Nick can’t tell others the truth about who he is, but not telling people is going to get harder and harder, according to EPs David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf. “Their partnership will be tested and its going to get to the point where some things are going to happen that are truly not easily explained to Hank. So we’re going to push it as far as we can and hold off as long as we can.”

Game of Thrones!!! — Sarah

Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, was most helpful with your demand when EW caught up with him at the SAG awards. Preview: Dragons! Full scoop: “Basically, John Snow goes out into the wilderness; my character ends up going back to see his family, and a lot of dragons basically happen in the second season. I loved working with Patrick Malahide, who played my dad, and Gemma Whelan, who played my sister.” But his favorite episode of the season? The same as co-star Emilia Clarke, episode 9. “Fighting. Killing. Killing and fire,” he says bluntly — and never have five simple words made me so excited.

The Good Wife has been AMAZING. Scoop, please? — Kelly

Someone at the State’s Attorney’s office is moving on up — or out. It depends on how you take this tease from Matt Czuchry. “You’re going to see big stuff at the state’s attorney’s office, which is going to affect everyone’s position and stature there,” he tells EW. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the next Spoiler Room video edition. Archie Pankabi might have some Kalinda/Cary scoop for y’all.

I’ll give you all the change in my penny can in exchange for a little Cougar Town love. — Robert

Devil babies! The Old West! Ankle monitors! Shark cars! And that’s just the first 10 minutes. And I hate pennies — but I do like wine.

I’m really curious about the picture of Tony interrogating Ziva on NCIS’s 200th. But I’m more interested to find out if we’re going to be treated to more of the unforgettable moments we’ve been getting lately between the two of them. Help a girl out? — Vera

I’ll pose this question and more to Michael Weatherly on Monday. Yup, he’s coming into the EW offices. So fill the mailbox with your spoiler q’s, people:

Do you know when/if The Glades and In Plain Sight will return? I keep seeing cast members in other shows and am hoping this doesn’t mean the shows were canceled. They are two of my favorites and everything was left hanging on both of them. — Merrilee

Of course they’ll be back, but Glades isn’t slated to come back until summer. In Plain Sight, meanwhile, returns March 16 with a batch of eight new episodes. As you’ll recall, the latter ended with Mary going into premature labor and still uncertain if she was going to keep the baby. Your scoop? An episode in this upcoming season will find her doing background checks on nannies! And I don’t think it’s for Marshall. (Related: In Plain Sight casts Twin Peaks alum)

Got anything on 30 Rock? — Katie

J.D. Lutz wants some lovin’! On the upcoming Valentine’s Day episode, Lutz goes on a search for a date, but in his time of need, Tracy and Frank try to hook him up. “We just give him man to man advice on how to work with the ladies on Valentine’s Day,” says Judah Friedlander.

(Carrie Borzillo, James Hibberd, and Tanner Stransky contributed to this column.)

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