By Sandra Gonzalez
February 03, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
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If emotional baggage was bacon cheeseburgers, Dean Winchester’s life would be a lot sweeter. Heck, it’d be downright awesome.

Sadly, it’s not. And as it turns out, his one-time comfort — non-committal sex with attractive women — doesn’t even provide solace any more. In fact, it’s downright dangerous. No, this week’s episode wasn’t about VD (they’ve gotta save something, should there be a season 8). This week, Dean’s escapades (with Vampire Diaries alum Sara Canning) produced a trouble neither brother had encountered before: a monster love child! (The woman Dean slept with was a succubus and they, apparently, go through the entire baby growing process in about 36 hours. Terrifying.) There could have been a lot of humor in this predicament, but a grim air has been hanging over Sam and Dean all season. So even the most outlandish of predicaments and cases hold a deeper meaning. This case certainly did.

As you might recall, earlier this season, Sam tried to give an old monster friend of his, Amy, the benefit of the doubt and let her get away after killing someone, believing she could change. He almost succeeded in giving Amy the second chance she wanted, but then Dean caught up with her and killed her. This week, Dean finally understood Sam’s moral quandary. After all, Dean was tasked with killing something that was, technically, a part of himself. In that moment, as he stood before his three-day-old teenage daughter (only on Supernatural…), contemplating the act he had to do, he hesitated a bit. When Sam entered and saw Dean’s position, he did it for him. I didn’t consider her death a loss as big as some of the others they’ve both suffered this season, but from Dean’s perspective, I’m sure it didn’t help his already broken spirit.

There are no signs of things getting better for the brothers any time soon. However, if Dean’s hunches about ghost Bobby prove to be true, that’d certainly be a nice, comforting development. (Although, now that we know Bobby was burned, I’m not sure how they’re going to loophole their way around all the mythology about ghosts and spirits.) In the meantime, Sam told Dean he had one simple request as they both deal with their losses: stay alive. Dean could do what he needed in order to cope, Sam said, but he has to stay alive in the process. Dean promised to try.

It was really a great conclusion to yet another gloomy episode. But as much as I loved the scene, it also served as a reminder of another loss that continues to pain my heart: the Impala. I MISS IT!

As the brothers chatted and had their heart-to-heart, the absence of Dean’s Baby (the car, not the girl) seemed more apparent than ever. That hit me over the head like a sledgehammer — is there anything these boys haven’t lost this season?

I find comfort in a few things: 1) Bobby’s around, I can feel it in my too-invested-in-TV bones. 2) Cas is coming back. Fact. 3) Another fact: Dean hasn’t forgotten about his car, and it’ll be back. 4) Next week, Sam’s attacked by clowns. No matter what happens in that episode, I’m guaranteed at least one laugh. 5) Dean was shirtless tonight, and I have a DVR and too much time on my hands. Brilliant.

Still, readers, my thoughts on loss have given way to curiosity. So vote in the poll below. And tell me, what did you think of tonight’s episode?

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