By Dalton Ross
Updated February 03, 2012 at 02:00 PM EST

Moviegoers who head to theaters to see The Phantom Menace when it reopens on Feb. 10 will notice something new besides the fancy 3-D technology. Puppet Yoda is gone, and has been replaced by an all-new digital Yoda, like the one seen in episodes 2 and 3. (Digital Phantom Menace Yoda also appears in the recent Star Wars Blu-ray box set released last September.) While George Lucas has taken some heat for going back and making numerous changes to his original trilogy, he has used a much lighter hand when it comes to his second set of Star Wars films, and in the exclusive clip below, he explains that is because the technology was already in place during filming to fully carry out his vision. Except, it seems, in the case of Yoda. “We were trying desperately to get a digital Yoda into the first film, Phantom Menace,” says Lucas. “We just couldn’t make it work. We came close. We got Jar Jar, and Sebulba, and Watto, and a lot of other characters, but we couldn’t get Yoda because he was much harder to do. And so when we finally did get that accomplished, before the second film, we went back and put the digital Yoda back in the first film as it was intended to be.” Click on the video player below to hear Lucas talk more about the differences between his two trilogies, and being able to tell “the entire story of Darth Vader.”

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