Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ever since Adam Lambert became a favorite on American Idol and beyond, his fans have been wondering, “What could be better than Adam Lambert?” According to the new video for “Better Than I Know Myself,” the answer is: Two Adam Lamberts.

The clip pits both sides of Lambert’s split personality against one another in adjoining rooms. One side houses the dark, leather-clad Lambert, hellbent on chaos and self-destruction, while the other is a kinder, gentler, tea-sipping, sweater-wearing version of the pop star. Sweater Lambert (from here on out referred to as “Swambert”) seems at odds with his demonic counterpart, though he does offer to play a game of chess with him.

Leather Lambert (also known as “Leathambert”) isn’t interested in bonding with Swambert, and eventually proves that the center can not hold. Rather than re-enact scenes from The Seventh Seal, he chooses to set fire to his half of the room.

But will he kill off Swambert, or will they manage to come together? You can probably guess how it ends, but give it a spin below anyway.

Lambert’s new album Tresspassing hits stores in March, and there has been a great deal of talk about the Glam One taking the stage with the surviving members of Queen for a proper tour (though according to Lambert’s publicist, that remains unconfirmed). The group first played with Lambert on the microphone at last year’s MTV Europe Music Awards, which featured a show-closing medley of “The Show Must Go On,” “We Will Rock You,” and “We Are the Champions.”

Should Lambert hit the road with Queen, wouldn’t that cut into the promotion of his own album? Perhaps, but it would also be quite shrewd. Lambert’s core fan base is ravenous, so he has no need to pitch the new product to them. Hitting the road with Queen would not only give Lambert the opportunity to play larger rooms but also expose him to a more varied audience. In the end, he would almost certainly convert more fans, which would give him a big leg up on avoiding the dreaded sophomore slump.

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