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It was a bit of a toss-up when it came to Donald Trump's endorsement for the Republican nomination. Between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, who would he choose? On the one hand, Gingrich, like Trump, has a reputation for being a blowhard who inexplicably attracts multitudes of women. On the other, Romney, like Trump, is ridiculously, ridiculously rich.

In the end, Trump, as we should have expected, sided with…Money, money, money, moneyAccording to the Associated Press, the Celebrity Apprentice star confirmed he will be endorsing Romney for the GOP presidential nomination. And, in Trump's mind, that endorsement is surely gonna be HUGE — there's no doubt that the reality star will toot his own horn should Romney clinch the nomination. Now, never mind that Trump only sided with the candidate after Romney already established himself as the front-runner following Florida. Semantics!

So will Trump — who, as you may remember, announced a possible bid for presidency, seemingly in order to promote a season of Celebrity Apprentice (so that's why he and Sarah Palin get along so well!) — do for Romney as Oprah did for President Obama? Unlikely — no matter how much money Trump has, his influence is no match for Oprah's. In fact, his endorsement might only prove to be embarrassing for the likes of Romney. After all, only two Republican candidates — Gingrich and Rick Santorum — were willing to participate in Trump's debate. But hey, Romney should have seen the endorsement coming — they do both like to fire people.

Thoughts, PopWatchers?

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