Leslie Carter, the sister of pop stars Nick and Aaron Carter, died at age 25 on January 31, and according to a new report from People, her death may have been the result of a drug overdose.

Authorities reportedly found “medication to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, as well as a muscle relaxant,” near Leslie’s corpse, and Ginger Carter, Leslie’s stepmother, told the Chautauqua County sheriff that Leslie had “a long history of mental illness,” and that she seemed depressed on the morning of her death.

Her final cause of death will be determined in an upcoming toxicology report.

The sad news of her passing comes over a decade after Leslie Carter first attempted to launch a pop career of her own.

In 1999, Carter began recording an album with Dreamworks Records, but it never saw the light of day. Her lead single, “Like Wow,” a bubblegum ditty from the Shrek soundtrack, failed to find traction on radio in 2001, despite peaking on the Hot 100 Single Sales chart at number 15, and her album was eventually shelved.

Below, watch the video for the track, which featured the then-14 year-old starlet giggling in front of green-screen effects:

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