By James Hibberd
February 02, 2012 at 06:11 PM EST

What is this, cooking reality show renewal day?

First Bravo’s Top Chef gets a 10th season. Now Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares is being renewed.

Okay, so technically Kitchen Nightmares is more of a makeover show than a cooking show, but you get the point. Fox has ordered a 16-episode fifth season of the Gordon Ramsay screamer. “It’s great to be back for a fifth season… who knew there were that many nightmares to be had?!” said series star and executive producer Ramsay. (Yes, he put both the exclamation point and the question mark in his statement.)

Personally, the Fox version has never held the same charm for me as the UK version, and I prefer Fox’s MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen for my Ramsay fixes. But what do you think about KN returning?

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