The Artist Oscar nominee Jean Dujardin has managed to temporarily steal the limelight back from Uggie. Or rather, the ARPP, France’s advertising watchdog, has done it for him. The group asked that sexually suggestive billboards for Dujardin’s next film Les Infidèles (The Players) be taken down as a “preventative measure” while it officially combs through complaints filed by members of the public. According to French reports, picked up by The Hollywood Reporter, some people just don’t want to see a woman’s legs being held in the air by a man, or a woman appear to be performing fellatio on a man, under a double entendre tagline about having a meeting or going through a tunnel. A rep for Dujardin has yet to return EW’s request for comment.

What do you think (besides that this is a great way to get American media to write about your French film)? Much ado about nothing? I’m not offended (perhaps because of the non-aggressive Judd Apatow film-style backdrop), but then, I did choose not to picture the fellatio poster on our site, so perhaps I do recognize that there’s a line. You can see more posters on the film’s Facebook page, along with a red-band trailer we’ve embedded below. Warning: It starts off tame enough, but the sex and nudity do eventually kick in.

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