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It’s been a little over six months since The Voice unleashed the radio beast that is “Moves Like Jagger,” and yet we’re still tapping our toes to the infuriatingly irritating beat of the summer ( …and fall …and winter) hit. So I have high expectations for season 2’s musical follow-up, which may come in the form of a Prince medley.

People reports that Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Adam Levine — otherwise known as The Voice‘s chair-spinning mentors — will be singing a string of hits from the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince on the reality series’ second night back. It was always strange during season 1 whenever the mentors gathered for a performance — Aguilera and Levine’s pop voices might have meshed well on “Jagger,” but their four musical styles are so different, it felt like you were listening to your car radio cross four different stations in an area of bad reception. Just see: Their cringe-worthy “We Are the Champions” performance.

So here’s hoping the Prince medley plays as successfully as the quartet’s performance of “Crazy,” which appeared to have at least a few minutes of rehearsal time behind it. “Crazy” was also partially successful because it didn’t force the mentors to all sing at once. So, ahead of their Prince performance, let’s pick out the appropriate song choice for each mentor, shall we?

Adam Levine: “When Doves Cry” would fit perfectly on the sensitive rocker — and thrill female fans with lines like “Touch if you will my stomach.”

Blake Shelton: “Little Red Corvette,” if only because it’s the only Prince song I could imagine with a country twist.

Christina Aguilera: “1999.” Because you know all the girl wants is to party like it’s the late ’90s, otherwise known as a time in which you could wear a beaded fringe top.

Cee Lo Green: “Kiss.” So he can get the message through to all the young, attractive female members of his team before even choosing them.

Your picks, PopWatchers? Do you think season 2 will produce another “Moves Like Jagger”? Will the song ever get out of your head?

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