R Kelly
Credit: David Wolff/Getty Images

While R. Kelly has talked about rolling out dozens more episodes of his much-loved Trapped in the Closet series, his first order of business is his upcoming album Write Me Back, which is scheduled for release in March. This morning, Kels dropped that album’s first single, a creamy slice of seduction called “Share My Love.”

Though his late 2011 single “Shut Up” got back to the business of R. Kelly crazy-talking R&B (you know, like “Real Talk”), his new single “Share My Love” sounds like a logical extension of 2010’s Sam Cooke-inspired Love Letter. With its disco strings and easy-breezy beat, “Share My Love” has more of a mid-period Marvin Gaye vibe to it, which hopefully means that Kels is working his way through R&B history and will eventually end up back at his own career in a few albums or so.

Give “Share My Love” a spin below.

The best thing about these R. Kelly throwbacks is that they always sound like classic jams until lyrics like “Now that we’re in this room / Let’s do what we were born to do / Populate!” That’s good stuff.

After spending 2011 under the radar (and under the knife), R. Kelly will be all over the place in 2012. In addition to his new album, he’ll also be publishing his exquisitely named memoir and also hosting his own cruise (which has the tagline, “You’ve heard him on the radio, you’ve heard him on land, but you’ve never heard him at sea!”). There’s also the prospect of a new, “nasty” album called Black Panties.

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