Kodak Theatre
Credit: Lucy Nicholson/Getty Images

“Live from the Fatburger Theatre, it’s the 85th annual Academy Awards!” Okay, so nothing has been set in stone, but the Oscar venue needs a new name, and this local burger chain has a nice ring to it. Wouldn’t it be a sad, perverse pleasure for us sad, perverse regular folk? Picture the spectacle of beautiful, rail thin actresses — starving as they recover from their pre-Oscar colonics — wistfully salivating whenever the Theatre is mentioned by their interviewer, Ryan Seacrest. It’s funny because we’re jealous!

The Eastman Kodak company slapped its name on the Theatre in 2000, with a steep $75 million 20-year sponsorship agreement that probably seemed like a great idea in the pre-recession, and very less digital, universe. They filed for bankruptcy last month, and are now asking the bankruptcy court to reject the naming rights deal, reports Wall Street Journal.

If there’s a silver lining to any of this, it’s my newly restored faith in local government. A few hours ago, inoffensively handsome Los Angeles City Councilman (and mayoral candidate) Eric Garcetti let the Twitter community know that their voices would be heard:

Eric Garcetti: Kodak wants out of naming rights (and costs) for Kodak Theatre due to bankruptcy. Who should we approach for naming rights? Ideas?

You guys, Garcetti is totally on top of this one. But he needs your help! According to my extensive Twitter research, suggestions thus far have included “The In-N-Out Auditorium” (Fatburger is better), and “The Fuji Apple Theatre.” PopWatchers, you can do better.

So, what should it be? Should Garcetti and his dedicated street team approach a local Los Angeles business, or stick with a brand more synonymous with the film industry? Would you want to visit a place called “The Fuji Apple Theatre?” Brainstorm in the comments, and be sure to send your best ideas to @EricGarcetti.