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For what it’s worth, the Internet is filled with productive people who actually want to help change the world. Unfortunately, those people are not the ones who made these seven Tumblr blogs, all inspired by the hit PBS series Downton Abbey.

Have a look at these Downton-inspired memes (a.k.a.: a disturbingly enjoyable joke that is employed repeatedly until the humor of it is clobbered into the ground), which will either contribute to your love of the show, or enrage you with their blatant disregard for the Downton canon.

Two of television’s best dramas combine into one delightfully inappropriate blog, which swaps lines from each series to comical effect. I mean, Daenerys Targaryen and Daisy are basically the same character anyway, right?

With great portmanteau comes great responsibility. This particular Tumblr uses Beyonce and Destiny’s Child lyrics to suitably describe Downton scenes, with particular attention paid to any moment featuring a phonograph.

Maggie Smith’s expressions alone are worthy of becoming a meme, but this Tumblr, which shows Lady Grantham having tea with various Photoshopped entities, begs the question, “What would Maggie Smith’s face look like now?” Clearly, it would be filled with Emmy-winning disapproval.

Combining the classiest show on television with the Internet’s version of an AA meeting, this Tumblr employs submissions from Texts from Last Night, a site where drunk college students with Blackberries embellish stories that are only slightly more debaucherous than everything that happens on Downton Abbey.

The tagline – “Because Matthew Crawley Is the Ryan Gosling of PBS” – says it all. However, it’s sure to draw criticism from those who have long assumed that the Ryan Gosling of PBS was Carson.

From way out of left field comes this blog featuring the many, many, many lamps in the Crawley manor. By name alone, “The Lamps of Downton Abbey” should be recognized for being the Tumblr that nobody – seriously, nobody – asked for.

Honorable Mention: Party Downton, which I don’t particularly find that funny, but if I can include a blog dedicated specifically to home lighting, then I can’t in good conscience omit this one.

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Downton Abbey PS
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