By Stephan Lee
Updated January 31, 2012 at 01:00 PM EST

The Hunger Games

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Is there endless comedic potential in a dystopian novel about children who are forced to kill each other on national television? Of course there is, and the smartasses at the Harvard Lampoon have written what they promise to be a “scene-for-scene parody” of Suzanne Collins’ mega-best-selling YA novel The Hunger Games. The Hunger Pains (Feb. 7) follows the inept heroine Kantkiss (Katpiss?) Neverclean, a young girl living in the telemarketing district of Peaceland, who is forced to compete in the violent annual Hunger Games.

EW has obtained the satirical trailer for the movie spoof based on the parody of the book (one more level of irony and the world really will end), and it features celebrity cameos, impressive production values, and an incredible Effie Trinket doppelganger (Katie Amanda Keane as Effu Poorpeople). Watch below!

Would you watch/read Hunger Pains over Hunger Games? How many Reno 9/11 alums can you spot? I particularly liked Cedric Yarbrough as Cinnabon! How amazing is Buttitch Totalapathy’s hair?

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The Hunger Games

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