10. Looking at him

9. His naive insistence on order in the most chaotic and nonsensical of all the red galaxies

8. Genuine, unscripted affection for the contestants (specifically Marcus Canty)

7. Ability to keep a straight face while reading the Twitter (“Twittah“) wall (“What have you done to @_Bunnies, L.A.?”)

6. Restraint in not calling for an ambulance when L.A. Reid did this:

5. Called Howie Mandel a “top man” to his face

4. Called after Rihanna, “You glorious, glorious lady!”

3. He’s so tall!

2. Unintentionally hilarious promise that during the finale, we’d see “some incredible performances and Justin Bieber!”

1. Come to think of it, Steve Jones is the only thing I miss about The X Factor.


I’d like to call a moment of silence for our beloved Stevecrest, who will not be hosting The X Factor in season 2.



Farewell, my dear friend — the apple of my eye, the Welsh Samantha Harris of my heart. You’re so much better without them. Who would want to return for a second season of that tripe anyway? Spread your hairy golden wings, Stevecarus, and fly. Always remember that in a 2011 PopWatch poll posted in honor of your favourite holiday, a resounding 58.8 percent of readers answered the question “Are you thankful for Steve Jones?” with “Yes, I can see the good in him.” The rest, the unenlightened, went with “Abs-oluely not.” At least they were acknowledging you have a nice body! You go forth with your nice body and endearing outbursts. You go.

Now work it, girl. (Give a twirl!) Thank you, sexy dancing people!

What will YOU miss about Steve Jones?

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The photo used above is from 2008′s Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

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