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It’s fair to say that no reality show singing competition winner has ever been on the kind of high-profile launching pad that The X Factor champion Melanie Amaro is about to experience: Her own Super Bowl commercial. EW spoke with Amaro a few days after she shot her Pepsi spot with pop music legend Elton John, and we have an exclusive shot of them both from the royally-themed advertisement below. Check it out:


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We last talked the night of The X Factor‘s finale when you won. How have you been since then?

MELANIE AMARO: I’ve been wonderful. I’ve been so good. I’ve been working hard, filming the commercial, and just doing lots of stuff.

Not only did you shoot your commercial, it was with Elton John. When did you learn you’d been shooting with Sir Elton?

Sir Elton! [Laughs] I knew I was going to be shooting it with him about a week [before we shot the spot]. I was really happy. He’s like a legend to me. To be working with him on the commercial for the Super Bowl was for me was, like, a real experience. I was really happy and shocked that he was going to be the person I was in the commercial with. I was excited.

What was it like working with him?

He was really nice and had a lot of positive things to say. He said he normally doesn’t watch The X Factor, the U.K. [version of the show] because he doesn’t quite think there’s much, you know, talent I guess on the show. [Laughs nervously] He said he started watching the U.S. [version of The X Factor] because there was so much talent on it, and he said he was rooting for me.

That must have felt really great!

It made me feel awesome. It really did, because it was really nice.

What was the concept of the ad?

Well, basically I’m a singing princess warrior. [Laughs] And me being the singing princess warrior, I have to try to get the entire kingdom some of the sacred treasure, and the sacred treasure is, of course, Pepsi. I have to go through the talent part of the being in front of the king at his court [to get the treasure], and my talent was, of course, to sing. So I sing, I blow his mind, and I get everybody to have some of the Pepsi. I don’t think I’m going to tell you any more than that. I think I’ll let everybody wait until they see the commercial, because there’s some special surprise guests in there that I think everybody is going to enjoy.

And Elton is the one playing the king?


Do you do any singing together?

Um, no, but I don’t think I’ll go any further with details. I want it to be a real big shock for anyone.

Where will you be watching the Super Bowl?

I think I’ll be at the Super Bowl!

So other than shooting Super Bowl commercials with international pop stars, have you had a chance to record anything for your album?

No. I’m definitely going to be working on that pretty soon. I’m really excited. I can’t wait to do everything.

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Simon Cowell, American Idol

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