It was revealed last week that Matthew Broderick would be bringing back the world’s greatest class-cutter (not to mention the Sausage King of Chicago), the one and only Ferris Bueller, for a Honda ad that would run during the Super Bowl. It begged a lot of questions from fans of the 1986 John Hughes comedy classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Nearly 26 years later, what has our favorite troublemaker been up to? Did he finally get his own car? Did Honda simply not know what Bueller and his cohorts did the last time they were left to their devices with a car?

In the extended spot, now available online, a still fresh-faced Broderick embarks on a Ferris-like day of hooky escapades (crank calling, singing in a parade). It’s nice that Ferris no longer has to bum rides off of people, but he’s no longer the walrus — he just looks at them at museums. Watch the clip below. Chick-chicka-chicka.

Is Matthew Broderick still a righteous dude? Did you have fun reliving parts of the movie and spotting all those in-jokes? (The red phone! The towel!) Share in the comments section below.

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