August 04, 2017 at 01:36 PM EDT

In less than two weeks, YouTubers-turned-major-label-recording artists Karmin will take the Saturday Night Live stage alongside host Zooey Deschanel.

The duo has already released its first single, “Crash Your Party,” which is currently climbing the pop charts, and while it’s unclear whether that song will be performed on SNL, Amy and Nick clearly have more than just Chris Brown covers ready for the show.

Epic has just released the audio of Karmin’s second official single, the sunny pop track “Broken Hearted,” which features another dose of Amy’s trademark rapping over a Dr. Luke-esque beat.

Nick’s voice, however, is nowhere to be heard on the song, in which a lover begs her man not to “leave [her] broken hearted tonight.” Give it a listen below:

What do you think of the tune? Do you think it could succeed on radio? How about on the SNL stage? And, more generally, how are you feeling about Karmin these days? Are you having trouble taking Amy seriously as a high-concept, swag-touting raptress considering you met her as a wholesome-looking Berklee grad making videos in her apartment? Or are you totally onboard with the accents and goofy phrases like “Cheerio?”

All I know for sure is that the last time a relatively unknown artist performed on SNL before releasing an album, critics went to town. In a way, the Lana Del Rey debacle raised the stakes for Karmin even more, so here’s to hoping that they prove doubters wrong — or at least get people talking.

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