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Apparently it’s (badass) ladies week here at Spoiler Room! Just look at all those pretty people in the picture!

But dish on tough women from TV isn’t the only thing in store this week. I also have a little something for Gossip Girl fans, New Girl fans and…wait…WHERE ARE ALL THE MEN?!? (A question I ask myself daily. But that’s another issue.) Well, read on — there is something for everyone here. (Including an announcement for fans of Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf!)

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As I not so subtly teased in last week’s column, I hopped on the phone with Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer this week ahead of the 150th episode to get a status on our friends at the BAU. And in the process, she was also kind enough to take on a few of the many, many questions y’all sent in. (If you don’t see yours here, maybe I addressed it in the piece earlier this week, which you can read here.) Read on for more:

Hi, would love to know if Hotch love-interest Beth is here to stay? Love the character and I hope she is! Thanks! — A Big Hotch Fan

In short, yes, she’ll be sticking around. To elaborate, Messer says she hopes that Hotch’s joy and excitement over this new relationship is as important to fans as it is to her. “There’s no win across the board,” she says. “Finding a girlfriend for him was never going to be an easy task, but I think just seeing that he’s happy and having fun outweighs anybody else’s take on it.”

When is the next girls’ night out coming up for Emily, J.J., and Garcia? — ZsaZsa

The timing of your question is impeccable, ZsaZsa! Because in just a few episodes, the trio will find themselves having a little bonding time — but off screen. “In four episodes, the girls have a girls’ night on the books, so it’s talked about,” says Messer. “Then we see the aftermath of that girls’ night, which is too much to drink.” But before girl fun can be had, the two sole members of the BAU’s parents club will find themselves dealing with familial issues — J.J. (A.J. Cook) must find a babysitter for Henry, and Hotch has a discussion with Beth about how they should explain to Jack who she is. “It’s both of the parents on our team having a little bit of a struggle with what do [it means] to be good parents and then the team as a whole has a really nice moment at the end of the episode,” she says.

We know Garcia & Morgan get a bit “too friendly” in 7×13, any scoop on details? Perhaps this is Nicholas Brendan’s last episode, or will he be back later? Will the team find out about the drama? — KL

All Messer could dish (in addition to what I call the Great Towel Tease of 2012) about the “tricky” situation was that despite her initial hesitations to address the long-held belief by some fan that these two team members are a match-made in crime-fighting heaven, she ultimately was pleased with how they chose to proceed. “I just thought, ‘Are we going too far down a road that we can’t come back?'” she says. But after getting input from actors Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangness, Messer says they made sure the result was “a great tease.”

“[Some] might wonder, ‘What just happened? Was that a dream?'” she says.


Revenge may have been off this week, but luckily, the scoop was flowing when EW recently caught up with EP Mike Kelley for our cover story on the new hit drama. So, with dish in hand, let’s take a batch of questions.

Is everything going to come to a head once we get to the murder ep? Like, does anyone find out something about Emily’s plan, thus spurring the murder? — Jen

Oh, with the specifics, Jen! But what I can tell you is that the show will throw many surprises into the so-called murder episode, but EP Mike Kelley is still keeping some stuff up his sleeve. “It’s pretty spooky what happens on the beach because we’re going into a trial for the murderer. Some of the surprises are going to come out in upcoming episodes, after the engagement party. But there will be one thing that people did not see coming,” he tells EW’s Tanner Stransky.

Is Emily going to question what she’s doing or feel bad about who she’s hurting? — Kirsten

If you mean, ‘Does Emily have a heart?’, the answer is absolutely. In fact, it sort of gets in the way around the time of the engagement party. “The reason that Emily doesn’t cancel this party is because she’s trying to protect somebody that’s been abducted. Somebody has been kidnapped as insurance,” Kelley said. ” She’s going through with the engagement party to protect an innocent.” Oh, souls; they’re so pesky.

Any hints as to why Nolan is so cold to Emily at the engagement party? Is that something we see happen closer to the murder episode or something that’s a slow build? — Tracy

Can’t say. But speaking of slow build, you should prepare for exactly that when it comes to the David Clarke mystery at large, according to Kelley. “There’s no end to that, until the series comes to a conclusion, especially now that we have these tapes and we have new ways of learning truths,” he dishes. “The fact that Emily didn’t know that Charlotte is her sister, there are revelations that Emily is going to be having. She doesn’t have all the answers, which she starts to learn. Then you start to learn who really may have the answers and how this conspiracy really goes.” IT’S THE DOG! (Not. But hmm…)

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We know Kalinda is one of — if not the — toughest characters on The Good Wife, but even she seemed troubled when we last saw her as she found herself having to decide which of her friends to betray. In this week’s upcoming episode, her choice is revealed, and Archie Panjabi hints that it might not be too terribly hard to figure out.

“It’s a tough decision for Kalinda to make, but she certainly makes a Kalinda-like decision,” teases Panjabi, who stopped by EW this week to chat (and deliver casting scoop!). “I think some people will be surprised, some might think it’s interesting, and some might be like, ‘I thought that would happen.'”

Meanwhile, also look for Kalinda and Dana to become further complicated as Kalinda struggles to read her possible foe’s intentions. “I think there’s definitely a spark and a connection between those two women, but I think Kalinda is also very aware that Dana is very ambitious,” Panjabi says. She’s slightly nervous that she might end up doing something to her detriment. So there’s definitely something, but she’s very guarded…I think she’s cautious. And you’ll definitely get to see that between them. A very interesting scene takes place between those two.”

Hint? It gets physical. (P.S. : That’s a word that has many meanings.)


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Hello! I was a huge fan of Julia (Nick’s gal pal) in last week’s ep of New Girl. Then I found out she played Janis Ian in Mean Girls and I now love her even more! Will we be seeing any more of her?? I hope so… –Heather

Oh, Heather, Heather. How about we make a pact? You learn the name Lizzy Caplan, download some Freaks & Geeks and Party Down, and in exchange, I’ll give you this tidbit about Tuesday’s episode: Despite not liking Jess, Julia helps get her out of a traffic violation. But it’s Jess who does the defending, when she confronts Julia about why Julia doesn’t like her. Then things get hilarious. (Preview? “My checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!”) Here’s hoping Julia sticks around longer! (She’s set for three more episodes, including the one airing Tuesday, and next appears on Feb. 14 and Feb. 21.)

Can you please tell us what’s going on with Serena? Will she continue to pine for Dan? — @lexieflavor

Let’s just say there’s no one new coming on to the show in the near future to mix things up for the characters’ love lives. “Who we have is who we have,” EP Josh Safran told me yesterday (on Gossip Girl Day!) “We’re continuing to tell the stories with our people and I think that will be really fun to watch.”

Any good Chuck and Blair news for #GG? — @melc51

I have news for fans of romance (I simply can not guarantee one group or the other, though). Why? Because while ep 100 is rife with heartache and drama, there’s light on the horizon. “[The episodes coming up] are fun and funny and have a lot of romance,” Safran previews, “more than there has been this season. And a lot of alliances and teams.” But again, I will not, can not say any more.

Any idea on how long it will take Chuck to find out about this ridiculous pact Blair made with God? — Melissa

Not long. Promise.

Can we please talk about Psych? I’m dying to know what’s going to happen with Gus’ discovery of the ring and I can’t wait until February! — Colleen

Nor should you have to wait. The scene is hilarious (outraged Gus asks Shawn how he didn’t share the news with him, exclaiming, “I’m your oldest and blackest friend!”), and the way their conversation concludes might surprise you. Bonus tease: The two will get into quite a scuffle later in the episode!

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

So a while back CSI had a real creeper of a killer, “Squeegle”. Any news on when will see him again and if there is any truth to a CSI-Criminal Minds crossover to catch him?Zack

I haven’t caught wind of such a thing, but will you take some casting scoop while I dig? (I hope you said yes, because that’s what you’re getting.) Jeffrey Pierce, a.k.a. “that hottie from the Alcatraz pilot” is set to guest on the long-running procedural, playing a wealthy widower whose son goes missing (along with the kiddie’s nanny) go missing. The episode is set to air Feb. 29.

I love the picture of Caroline dancing with Klaus in an upcoming episode of Vampire Diaries! What more can you tell us about that scene or episode? — Amy

Perhaps I’ll have more next week — AFTER I hit the set in Atlanta! That’s right, Roomies, I’m headed south for visit to the Vampire Diaries set. Make sure you’re following my Twitter for updates and send me your questions (! While there, I’ll also be hitting the set of Teen Wolf! So send questions for that, too, if you’re so inclined.

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Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Are we going to see a time jump in the Chuck finale? — @Nathybozo

Yes — a small one. But not where you might think…assuming you were thinking it’d happen at the very end of the last episode. (Yes, there are technically two episodes tonight.) (And I can’t argue with a two-hour finale. It’s the least they can do.) (I like speaking in parentheticals.)

Do they say JUST KIDDING at the end and we find out there’s really going to be another season? #Chuckfinale — @MariaKonerman

Sadly, no. But as much as I’ll miss the series, I don’t think it needs another season after watching the finale. You already know we’ll see returns from both old friends and foes (Linda Hamilton! Mark Pellegrino!), callbacks to season 1 (Wienerlicious!), and nostalgic moments aplenty (one last Jeffster performance). But above all, the finale gives closure. Well, in most regards. In one case, the ending is less certain, but in a strange way, you’ll know exactly what happened. Get the tissues ready, folks!

Hi Sandra. Could you get me some dish on Being Human? Taking nothing away from my beloved Ian Somerhalder–but that Sam Witwer is one sexy beast! — Kerry Dodson

We saw Aidan serving alongside Mark Pallegrino’s Bishop in the Revolutionary War during a flashback last season, but there’s another war-time flashback coming up in the Feb. 20 episode and something tells me this one will be quite telling… Also, you’ll never see me argue with seeing these two in period costume.

I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel! Ringer‘s hiatus is nearly over. Share bit of scoop to get us through? — Amelia J

Get ready for a big reveal about Bridget-Shiv past! Creator Eric Charmelo told a group of reporters at a CW screening in LA that exactly what put Siobhan on the path of revenge and Bridget on the path to redemption will soon come to light. “There’s one singular incident that drove this gigantic wedge between the sisters, and we’re going to discover what that is,” Charmelo said.

I would LOVE some Andrew-related Ringer scoop. (Ioan Gruffudd = swooon)Felicia

Remember appearances can be deceiving — so warns Charmelo. “Everybody has secrets and lies, and what you see at face value is hardly the person who they are at their core,” he says. “Andrew has a deep, dark past just like most of the characters of the show.”

The character of Limehouse got me sooooo excited about the rest of the season. I can’t wait to see more of him. Scoop? — Marcus J.

The beginning of next week’s episode will find him taking in a tense meeting with Boyd that brings certain things to light — and will leave us questioning more than ever Boyd’s trajectory this season.

I’m hearing the next episode of House is pretty Chase-centric. Please tell me something about this next episode. — Harriet

All I can really say is that the episode reminded me of a conversation I had with Jesse Spencer earlier this year where he promised we’d see some really great Chase storylines. And this one certainly is plenty of drama for Spencer and his costars to sink their teeth into. Particularly great? A scene at the end of the episode that shows one character in a terribly sad situation (or is it “condition”?) we’ve never seen them in before and another character having a bit of a groundbreaking moment.

Sandra, I know you like the show, so any scoop for Blue Bloods fans?Margaret

The Feb. 3 episode totally rocked my socks from the cold open to the very end. In part, the episode follows Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) as he tries to track down a perp who put his family in the line of fire. That in itself is a captivating plotline, but the episode also fills us in on Frank’s emotional troubles. One scene in particular, where Frank is reflecting on his experience on 9/11, will leave any person with a heart completely crushed.

In case you missed it, a special Mentalist episode of Spoiler Room: Video Edition:

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