By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated January 27, 2012 at 07:12 PM EST

I’ll risk being pelted by knit hat and go on record as saying that this cover of “Hey Jude” isn’t Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s best singing effort ever. (Of course, is there any topping the duet he did with the unnecessary-crown-wearing Zooey Deschanel?) But it isn’t the vocals that make this rendition (performed at Sundance) noteworthy as much as his stage-presence.

Yes, I know, welcome to…a long time ago, Sandra. He’s cool, he’s awesome; that’s not new news. But let me tell you something, sarcastic voice in my head: I’m not ashamed that Gordon-Levitt continues to fascinate me, even as the swooning grows tiresome. (And to some of you, that might already be overkill, which is fine.) A longer time ago, Gordon-Levitt was a cute, pipsqueak alien who hung out with the Trinity Killer. Just look at him now, rocking his skinny tie all adorable. Sigh.

I know that in the time that’s passed since his modest television beginnings, the actor has managed to maintain relevance, have a pretty serious movie career, etc. etc. But, frankly, most of his appeal (and, I might add, what makes each of his seemingly random performances must-watches) is that he just seems like a fun, nice guy — someone I’d grab a beer with (if I drank beer. Eww.) And among former child stars, that’s a rarity that deserves note in my book.