Twins, semen, electric shocks, locomotives. NBC’s Fear Factor finale is cranking things to 11.

Monday’s episode of NBC’s reality classic has twins in bikinis being shocked by an electrified fence and contestants drinking — yikes — donkey semen.

The latter stunt was a source of controversy behind the scenes. Host Joe Rogan hinted about the stunt to weeks ago. “The one I want to give you, I can’t,” Rogan said, when asked what was the grossest challenge that was shot for this season. “They’re not even sure if they’re going to air it. It’s so over the top and ridiculous. When they told me, I really though they were joking at first. I don’t know where the debate is, but NBC is not sure if they’re going to air it.”

Fear Factor producers typically make a case for gross eating challenges by telling the network the item is regularly consumed somewhere in the world. Horse semen (if not donkey semen per se) is sometimes consumed at food events in Australia and New Zealand. NBC had no comment on the segment.

The episode has teams of twins competing for the $50,000 prize. The third stunt involves a speeding locomotive. Though Monday’s episode is considered the current run’s finale, there’s also a two-hour Fear Factor special that will air opposite the Grammys next month.