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Updated January 26, 2012 at 07:21 PM EST
The Office
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We know what you’re thinking: An Office spin-off?! Possibly without Greg Daniels or Michael Schur on board?! But slow down, friends: Before any of you start complaining about what a bad idea this possible Rainn Wilson/Office spin-off could be — or try to remind us that for every Frasier there is a Joey — let’s consider the potential here.

The Office is a unique show, in that it boasts plenty of characters that could easily stand on their own. (Would I watch a Meredith show? Maybe not. Unless it was on A&E. In which case, yes of course I would.) But Dwight is even more unique, in that he lives and works on Schrute Farms, home to some of the greatest, weirdest moments in the show’s history.

That said, as bizarre as Dwight (or Dwigt if you’re reading the original Threat Level Midnight script) may be, he’s only seen as a kook by those not in his inner circle of fellow paintball/Battlestar Gallactica enthusiasts. One of the all-time best Office scenes came when Jim and Pam made their first fateful visit to Schrute farms and were instantly amused and horrified upon arrival. The same for when Ryan was abandoned by Dwight on the vast beet farm and wound up in their creepy barn. (Animals! A coffin! It. Had. Everything.) Schrute Farms is a place you’d definitely want to visit out of morbid curiosity, but not one you’d want to stay at for long.

So perhaps it would be in a spin-off’s best interest to present each episode from the perspective of the guests, rather than the Schrute clan, whether they be legitimately horrified wedding guests (just ask Andy) or people who traveled from far and wide to listen to Dwight’s Harry Potter readings in the America, Irrigation, and Nighttime rooms. (That said, all of this would admittedly be a very tricky maneuver without Schur’s delightfully deranged cousin Mose to keep things really interesting.)

It’s easy to envision a show in which Dwight is finally his own boss (I’d like to imagine he’d still be a volunteer sheriff and take karate in his spare time), but Wilson’s character always worked best out of his natural habitat or when making people uncomfortable in his. At the very least, here’s to hoping — should a Dwight spin-off actually come to fruition — his Office-mates come to visit from time to time or even work there. (Creed on a farm. Let the nightmares begin.) But what do you think, PopWatchers? What’s the best possible scenario for this Dwight Schrute spin-off? Share in the comments section below.

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