If you were on the Internet today, you likely saw the news that ’80s movie hero Ferris Bueller — as played by Matthew Broderick and not the guy from the blissfully short-lived NBC spin-off series — will be returning via an advertisement airing during the Super Bowl. At least, that’s the impression left by the 10 second teaser released on YouTube today, in which Broderick-as-Bueller rips open his window shades and asks the camera “How can I handle work on a day like today?” Cue “chick-chicka-chicka” music and a title card sporting the same date as the Super Bowl, and a nation already pickled in ’80s nostalgia is instantly tantalized by the prospect of once more experiencing Ferris’ care-free snarkitude, if only in a 30-to-60-second spot for carbonated cola, or oddly flavored potato chips, or dubiously conceived web ventures.

Here’s the thing: This is something Ferris himself would never actually do. A fortysomething Ferris shilling for a random company during a football game? High school Ferris would be mortified. Frankly, unless this turns out to be an ad for a stealth Ferris Bueller movie, this whole thing just cheeses my Jell-o. Which probably means I take 10 second Super Bowl spot teasers a bit too seriously, but that’s just because I was in high school and remain to this day a total Cameron Frye. In any event, check out the teaser below, and then tell me — are you annoyed by the notion of seeing Ferris as a corporate sell out? Or does your curiosity about what Ferris has been up to lo these 25 years win out?

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