Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler have been exchanging brassy, barbed banter for years. This week saw the two comedians rekindle their feud in the last couple of days, and wouldn’t you know Howard Stern is at the center of it all? It started Monday when Handler appeared on Stern’s Sirius XM radio show. He asked how she felt about Rivers, and Handler stated combatively, “Joan Rivers? What the f— do I care about Joan Rivers?” She rolled her eyes as she mentioned running into Rivers and her TV costar daughter Melissa recently, then said, “I don’t think about either one of them. Ever.”

The Joan & Melissa stars wasted no time in personally responding, stopping by Stern’s show the next day, describing Handler as a comedian who “made it on her back,” a “drunk,” a “whore,” and “not a genius.” Oh, but there’s more! See what else the “ladies” had to say about one another in the (obviously) NSFW clips below.

Chelsea Handler

Joan Rivers

What do you think, PopWatchers? Do you love Melissa’s horrified response to her mom’s opening remarks: “Oh my God, you promised me you were not going to say that!” Which comedian served up the biggest slam?

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