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In I Just Want My Pants Back, MTV’s upcoming young-adult comedy, Jason Strider is a typical twentysomething living in Brooklyn–torn between what star Peter Vack calls “immature desires” and the responsibilities that come with living on your own. And in that oft-experienced life stage lies a really funny story, he says.

“As so many people who are in Jason’s position when they first enter into the adult world [he] realizes, ‘Oh my God, I’m actually less equipped to deal with these issues than I thought I was,’ or, in fact, ‘I’m being presented with issues that I never could have foreseen.'” Among the issues? A one-night stand who leaves his apartment in the morning having captured his romantic interest…and wearing his pants.

The story line is certainly the catalyst for a season-long journey of finding out more about the mystery woman, but also acts as a backdrop to the story of Peter and his friends (Tina, a young, fiery Brooklynite, and a young couple), who struggle with everything from finding employment to ducking uncomfortable situations. (In one episode, they find themselves trapped among unappealing company at James Franco’s “ravioli party.”)

But while the setting and other aesthetics about the series (which premieres Feb. 2) might prompt critics to label the comedy as “hipster,” Vack hesitates going so far. “I have trouble talking about hipsters now because I think it’s one of these weird words that everyone has a different definition of,” says Vack. “I feel like the series definitely touches on what it means to be hipster, but I think that the characters themselves are just people. And I wouldn’t want to label them as hipsters because I personally don’t see anything wrong with that label. I feel like a label that has so many definitions might as well have no definitions — it might as well mean nothing. So it’s like, sure, some people will look at the way we dress and say, ‘Oh, those are hipsters,’ but I would challenge that, because it’s such an elusive thing.”

Not so elusive is the friendship shared between Vack’s character and Kim Shaw’s Tina. As seen in the exclusive clip below (which can be seen tonight during the Jersey Shore), the platonic pair’s honest relationship is one Vack says he hopes stays non-romantic. “I think that the relationship between Jason and Tina is really special and one that I’m not sure I’ve seen done the way we’re doing it on television because usually when there’s a male female friendship, there’s always something of a romantic undercurrent,” he says. “There’s something so beautiful about a male and female relationship that’s purely platonic.” (Marc Snetiker contributed to this report.)

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