Getting members from defunct bands to reassemble can be a tricky business, but Disney may have found “A Means to an End.”

It began when the company riffed off of Joy Division’s 1979 classic Unknown Pleasures for a new t-shirt, altering the black-and-white pattern from the album’s iconic cover art to resemble Mickey Mouse’s distinctly shaped head.

After garnering much attention online, the shirt was discontinued by Disney, and now the ones in circulation fetch hundreds of dollars on eBay.

But the fracas may also inspire a 3/4ths reunion for the beloved post-punk band.

“You never know, this might be just the thing that brings me, Bernard and Stephen together to have a laugh and a drink,” Peter Hook, the former Joy Division bassist who went on to anchor New Order after Ian Curtis’ 1980 suicide, told Rolling Stone. “And maybe Walt can achieve what no amount of people seem to be able to do in the world, and bring Joy Division back together.”

Which would be pretty nifty. Maybe Disney’s next shirt should cop imagery from the Smiths and bring Morrissey and Marr back together? Just a thought.

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