By Anthony Breznican
January 26, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST


In the Sundance midnight movie The Pact, a ghostly force grabs Caity Lotz, swings her through the air, throws her up against walls, and slams her down on the floor.

Critics did basically the same thing to the film, which has more than a few logic holes.

But Lotz, whose character ultimately forms an alliance with the angry spirit, may also have saved the film with her tough-as-nails performance. Not only did The Pact get picked up for distribution by IFC, but she signed a new deal with United Talent Agency during the festival.

Below, we have a selection of exclusive studio photos of the 25-year-old actress, martial artist, dancer, singer, and parkour expert, accompanied by her thoughts on dumb horror chicks and how she found evidence of something extremely creepy (in real life) while shooting The Pact.


Lotz is best known for Mad Men (playing the California girl whose aunt knew Don Draper’s real identity), and also appears in MTV’s comedy show Death Valley. Before that, she was a dancer who toured with Lady Gaga, and she’s can be found in various online videos, breakdancing and fighting.

The Pact is by far her biggest role yet. Her character is Annie, who returns to her childhood home after her estranged mother dies and tries to find her sister, who has gone missing.

“If you really think about everything that character goes through, it’s pretty intense,” Lotz says. “Her mom dies, and she comes back, gets attacked by a ghost, thrown around. She’s haunted by nightmares and so … she’s a tough chick.”


The film co-stars (from left) Agnes Bruckner as the missing sister, Casper Van Dien as a grizzled (not always so smart) detective, and Haley Hudson as a pale, frail psychic medium who helps communicate with the furious spirit.

Despite whatever flaws The Pact may have, Lotz’s character, Annie, is no fool. When freaky apparitions begin to attack, she does what most scary-movie characters never do – she books out of the house – even if it means jumping onto a motorcycle in little more than her underwear. Other times, she knows when to stand her ground and fight.

“We never wanted Annie to be the dumb horror girl, like ‘Don’t do that, you idiot!” Lotz laughs. “I loved that about Annie. She was like, ‘Imma get a f—ing knife and stab somebody if I need to.’”


Lotz is used to getting physical, which came in handy on The Pact. “This particular film, yeah, with the wire works and stunt stuff… ” She rolls her eyes and laughs. “I do parkour and martial arts as well. We did a lot of things to get these action sequences. They even had me on roller blades at one point, dragging me across the floor.”

Apart from getting slammed into the ceiling, probably the most painful scene required her to be tied up with wire in a closet, knees up against her chin, with her hair lashed to a pipe as a serial killer holds her as his next victim.

“Oh my god, yeah, that closet scene,” she recalls. “We did that shot from above, we did from this angle, that angle … took out the wall and did it from another point of view. So I had to be in that Oh-my-God, terrified state many times.”

Then there was the time during the shoot when they found something really creepy …


“The scariest thing, and the creepiest one, was when we shot in a motel scene, where I have this bad dream,” Lotz says. “That motel was by LAX, and they were moving one of the mattresses to set up the room. When they picked up the mattress, on the underside were two giant blood stains. Not like, someone cut themselves. It was like someone was murdered right on that bed in that very room. I was like, ooh this is great.”

Luckily, no raging ghosts went on the attack to make her solve the case.

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