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It seems like some folks have found a way to pass the time until movie-event The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20: Check the IMDb page for it obsessively. (Okay, phew, Anne Hathaway is still there.)

Christopher Nolan’s final installment of his Batman saga has topped‘s most-viewed list for Anticipated In-Production Movies. While it’s certainly no big surprise that that particular film tops that list (I wonder how many visitors went to the Quotes section to figure out what Bane is saying), it is somewhat jarring to see other biggies like The Hunger Games and Prometheus being out-searched by the likes of G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Battleship. (Does that mean it will be — forgive me — a hit?)

The Dark Knight Rises‘ successor, unsurprisingly, also ranks the highest on the website’s most-viewed films over the past decade. Movie fans also seemed to look into the Harry Potter, Twilight, and Lord of the Rings saga, but fascinatingly enough were more keen on checking out cult favorites like Pulp Fiction and Donnie Darko. (“Was that Noah Wyle?!” Yes, yes it was.) Bruce Wayne himself, Christian Bale, is among the top 10 stars being searched on IMDB, alongside fellow bona fide movie stars like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, and the chart-topper Johnny Depp.

On the TV end of the spectrum, fans of Lost are still combing for clues and answers on the show’s IMDb page, while series like House, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, and How I Met Your Mother also made the list of the top TV series since 1992. Check out the complete lists below:

Top 10 Stars of the Last 10 Years*

1. Johnny Depp

2. Brad Pitt

3. Angelina Jolie

4. Tom Cruise

5. Natalie Portman

6. Christian Bale

7. Scarlett Johansson

8. Jennifer Aniston

9. Keira Knightley

10. Emma Watson

*Highest average IMDbPro STARmeter ranking over the last 10 years.

Top 10 Films of the Last 10 Years*

1. The Dark Knight

2. Donnie Darko

3. Pulp Fiction

4. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

5. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

6. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

7. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

8. Twilight

9. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

10. The Godfather

*Highest average IMDbPro MOVIEmeter ranking over the last 10 years.

Top 10 TV Series of the Last 10 Years*

1. Lost

2. House M.D.

3. Grey’s Anatomy

4. Heroes

5. How I Met Your Mother

6. 24

7. Glee

8. True Blood

9. Dexter

10. Gossip Girl

*Highest average ranking over the last 10 years.

Top 10 Most Anticipated In-Production Movies*

1. The Dark Knight Rises

2. Men in Black III

3. The Dictator

4. G.I. Joe: Retaliation

5. The Expendables 2

6. Battleship

7. The Avengers

8. Rock of Ages

9. The Hunger Games

10. Prometheus

*Highest average IMDbPRo MOVIEmeter rank of all films currently in production.

Which of these have you looked up on IMDb yourself, PopWatchers? What did they lead you down the IMDb rabbit hole to? Are you surprised by some of the placement of movies, shows, and stars on these lists? Share in the comments section below.

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