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Despite being one of the first people to bring back Andre 3000, spending the bulk of her summer on tour, and unleashing a crazy video that starred unicorns and the Dawson, Ke$ha had a relatively quiet 2011 (or at least in comparison to the year prior, when “Tik Tok” and “Your Love Is My Drug” dominated all charts all the time). Such will not be the case in 2012, as you will have more Ke$ha than you ever knew what to do with.

As noted in EW’s 2012 Forecast issue, Ke$ha is hard at work on a new album, which she promises will focus on more of a rock sound and offer up more “vulnerability” than her previous party-focused work. That should hit some time in the second half of the year, though you won’t have to wait that long to hear her. She has already contributed to the just-released charity tribute album Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan, where she turned in a surprisingly sturdy, stripped-down version of Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.” As Melissa Maerz noted in her review of the album, “Ke$ha gets the song’s heartbreak right; you can actually hear her sobbing between verses. If there’s ever a reason to believe the girl’s capable of deeper feelings than ‘vaguely hungover,’ this is it.”

You know who else recognizes Ke$ha’s many layers? Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, who invited her into the studio for some work the resulted in some wacky tweets from the psychedelic Oklahoman. He posted a vaguely obscene video of him poking a pile of gold glitter, and also re-tweeted a photo of Ke$ha, fellow Lip Steven Drozd, and himself concentrating in the studio. The tag-team is for a new album the Lips are working on that features a huge array of collaborators, including Bon Iver, Yoko Ono, Lykke Li, Nick Cave, and Erykah Badu. Expect the fruits of that labor later this year.

And in case you really want to dive deep into Ke$ha’s life and back story, you’re in luck on that front as well. In the process of condemning an unauthorized documentary called Ke$ha: Her Life, Her Story, she brought up that she has her own film project on the way. “I have something coming for you all that is legit and funny and weird and awesome about my crazy beautiful life,” she wrote.

So now you know everything that is going on with the woman born Kesha Rose Sebert. Doesn’t it make you feel better?


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