Last night’s Intervention featured Kimberly, an alcoholic who lives in a big house and spends all of her spare time drinking. The Bachelor features “ladies” who “live” in a big house and spend all of their spare time drinking. It’s only a matter of time before the Champagne Flute of Fate will get us all.

Try to determine which quote is from which show. It may be harder than you think!


1. “I am 100 percent thinking I cannot do this. I’m scared.”

2. “I sat there and I was just crying in the street.”

3. “F—- her! F— her!”

4. “I almost want to rip her head off and verbally assault her.”

5. “I am one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.”

6. “I just can’t listen to this because it’s too absurd.”

7. “It’s always about you, you, you, you, you. One is a lonely number, and you’re going to die.”

8. “It’s the most painful thing in this world. I want what I couldn’t get here. I want all that good stuff; I want it to last and I want it to be right. And I’m skeptical that it even exists anymore.”

9. “I wonder if you’ll take this seriously enough.”

10. “The only emotion I feel when I look into that house is shame.”

GOOD LUCK! And the answers are….


1. The Bachelor (Jennifer not wanting to be lowered into a hole)

2. The Bachelor (Ben opening up to Bangs about the death of a friend)

3. Intervention

4. The Bachelor (evil statue/goddess of red wine Courtney re: Emily)

5. Intervention

6. The Bachelor (Emily re: Casey’s dimwitted defense of Courtney)

7. Intervention (I lopped off the word “homeless” at the end.)

8. The Bachelor (Did anyone else find Monica’s taxicab confessional poignant and heartbreaking? Perhaps I should not have been drinking.)

9. The Bachelor (Ben to Samantha, whose intentions were not serious enough for a reality dating show)

10. Trick question! This was from Hoarders. But in a way, it’s from all three.

How did you score? Are you overwhelmed by despair or are you okay? Either way, you deserve a mimosa. Thanks for playing.

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