John Cusack, The Raven

The film may have been pushed back from March to April 27, but the publicity machine for literary thriller The Raven — James McTeigue's dark thriller starring John Cusack as the doomed author Edgar Allen Poe, who joins forces with a young Baltimore detective (Immortals' Luke Evans) to hunt down a mad serial killer whose murders are inspired by his writing — moves forward. Below, we have your exclusive first look at the new poster, which is appropriately cryptic and chilling.

John Cusack, The Raven

As McTeigue told EW last summer, "[The killer] does one like The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Pit and Pendulum and works through Poe's stories in an increasingly gruesome way, whilst at same time kidnapping his fiancé." He added, "We have real elements from Poe's life, in and out of the story. He was a troubled figure and that's alluded to in the film. Ultimately he becomes one of the characters in his own story."

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