By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated January 24, 2012 at 06:23 AM EST
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The countdown to the royal wedding is on, Gossipers! And, let’s be clear, no one really wants this to happen, right? Let’s take a survey: If you like Louis, please stand up. Well, since this is the Interwebs — the land of convenient thoughts — I’m going to assume you’re sitting. Great.

Now, since we’ve gotten that straight, I think the big question here is how this wedding between Blair and Prince Louis will not happen. Not IF it won’t happen. HOW. Call it a sixth sense — but I’d really prefer if you call it common sense. After all, the pieces to an impending wedding disaster are all there.

Blair, as she explained to the priest in this episode, still pines for Chuck even though she promised God she wouldn’t. (Oh, you pesky higher being! PleasedontyellatmemomImjustkidding.) Chuck won’t give up without a fight. Louis couldn’t even write his own vows. And Dan is in a fake relationship with an eerily desperate Serena to protect the impending marriage of the woman he actually has feelings for. Oh, Gossip Girl, the tangled web you weave. (FYI: Nate is around, but he’s busy playing Nancy Drew.)

So no matter which loose thread of love unravels this wedding, the point is one of them will. And I hope it’s Chuck who saves the day.

Before you grab your torches and set fire to the grassy roof of my abode, allow me to say that this hope is in no way an indication of who I hope Blair ends up with at the end. I think there are valid arguments for both Dan and Chuck to end up with Blair. But I think Chuck is currently in the better position to do something that will oust Prince Louis for good. Also, should Blair find herself marrying Louis, Chuck is the one who stands to lose the most. Dan seems content enough pretending to date Serena and working on his next book. Chuck, on the other hand, doesn’t have much.

Wait! What I am saying? This man lives in a hotel. He has everything. But, readers, everything is nothing without love. At least, that’s what my last fortune cookie told me. And I’m convinced every lesson I’m meant to take away from this emotionally complicated show is written in a fortune cookie somewhere. In fact, I bet the next one I crack open will tell me who Blair ends up with at the end of the series.

But until then, I eagerly await the answer to the inevitable: Who’s going to stop Blair’s wedding? Will Chuck bust through the doors just as they prepare to say “I do”? Will Blair run out? Will Dan write her a sonnet? Will Georgina sick her hellhounds on Louis? (Awesome.) Make your predictions here until next’s week’s wedding episode! And if the wedding ends up happening… um… I owe you all a carbonated beverage.

* No, I really don’t.

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Spotted: Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, Vanessa, and Nate — hooking up, breaking up, and freaking out. You know you love it! Xoxo!
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