Credit: Tsutomu Fujita/G4

Can NBC wipeout rivals this summer?

The Peacock will air cult-favorite competition series American Ninja Warrior, the hardcore obstacle course competition show that typically runs on G4.

Officially, G4 and NBC will “partner” on the presentation, but the headline here is that NBC is getting into the obstacle course game at a time when ABC’s Wipeout is getting soft in the ratings.

NBC tested the format by airing last season’s Ninja Warrior finale on the broadcast network, and was surprised at how well the show performed. So this summer, G4 will air the competition’s preliminary rounds and NBC will have the preliminary finals and a Las Vegas-set finale.

Also, for the first time, the competition will be held entirely in the United States rather than segueing to Japan, the setting of the original Ninja Warrior competition.

For the uninitiated: Wipeout plays the obstacle course for laughs, while Ninja Warrior is (mostly) serious, constructing an obstacle course so difficult that few can physically complete it.

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