By Mandi Bierly
January 23, 2012 at 05:58 PM EST

Newsweek‘s annual Oscar Roundtable is a particularly lively conversation this year, with Michael Fassbender, George Clooney, Viola Davis, Tilda Swinton, Christopher Plummer, and a potty-mouthed Charlize Theron. Naturally, it gives us another installment of our Fassbender Package Punchline Watch leading up to tomorrow’s Oscar noms. The video below picks up with Swinton talking about whether there’s a law on erections on film sets. “Let’s go to the pro,” Clooney says, pointing to Fassbender. “How many erections are you allowed?” Theron jokes, while the group laughs. Though we don’t get an answer to that, Fassbender does confirm that he really did pee on film for Shame. “That was your fear?” Theron quips, when Fassbender says he wasn’t sure whether he’d be able to perform in front of the crew. “How many takes did you do?” Clooney asks. “Three,” Fassbender says. “Really? Good for you. Hard to stop, isn’t it?” Clooney says. Asked by a writer if anyone else has peed on film before — that is not a question you get to ask everyday! — Clooney stays classy. “I pooped myself,” he says. “It wasn’t on purpose. I meant just now. Literally.” 

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