Shailene Woodley
Credit: Merie Wallace

Honestly, what did they think was going to happen?

In an effort to be a hip, socially relevant movie theater (kind of like how your grandma just got a Facebook), Cineplex Australia introduced a live Twitter feed that would tweet comments made about movies currently playing in the chain’s four theaters.

But unsurprisingly, the chain quickly removed the Twitter after certain comments made it onto the feed that weren’t necessarily PG. Example:

  • “Shailene Woodley’s cleavage deserves an Oscar nod for their work in The Descendants.”
  • “Went to see The Descendants… George Clooney is so f—ing hot.”
  • “I get that the guy and horse from War Horse were best friends but do you think they were also friends with benefits?”

I’m sure the original intention was to capture family-friendly comments like, “Gosh, that Hugo sure is adorable” or “I wish my hat was as large as Kate Winslet’s in 3-D!”, but when you bring up bestiality and chauvinism, things typically tend to spiral downwards.

You can’t blame a person for speaking highly of Shailene Woodley’s best supporting chest (sorry, I had to), but you can blame the guy who somehow decided that that was an appropriate comment to broadcast on Twitter. It’s funny how good discretion sometimes skips a generation, isn’t it?

One thing is undeniable, though: a Twitter like that would not fly in the U.S. of A. I’ve had the pleasurable opportunity of having dozens of movies ruined by unorthodox comments and I can’t imagine any of them should be publicly displayed on the theater’s website. Such gems like “Rooney Mara can brutally assault me any day” and “DO THE MUPPETS HAVE MAN JUNK?!” come to mind, but absolutely none of them belong anywhere but in the movie theater.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard in a movie theater, PopWatchers? And did you wish a movie theater worker crouching behind a corner with a tape recorder and a bag of Funyuns had secretly recorded and tweeted it?

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