By Karen Valby
Updated January 21, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

In the end, a stunt can and should only go so far. As results roll in for the South Carolina Republican primary, it seems that despite Stephen Colbert’s exuberant rally for the former Republican Presidential candidate only 1.1% of the voters were swayed by his endorsement. This probably wasn’t much of a nail-biter for Cain, whose name was left on the ballot despite the fact that he’d dropped out of the race. He himself urged the crowd of 3000+ at Friday’s rally not to vote for him. But lovers of pseudo news may be impressed by Cain’s 6,000 some votes. And both Colbert and Cain must take some modicum of pleasure that votes for Cain far surpassed those for Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman and Michelle Bachmann.

Also, this never gets old, does it?

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