Unchained Reaction
Credit: Discovery

The Mythbusters team is launching a new show in which contestants build elaborate contraptions that would make Rube Goldberg proud.

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will executive producer and judge a new series from BermanBraun and Discovery Studios called Unchained Reaction. In the six-part series, two teams of varying backgrounds (like artists, rocket scientists, animatronic specialists, and engineers) race against each other to build elaborate chain reaction contraptions. “Mechanical movements, pyrotechnics, and large-scale destruction are encouraged,” according to Discovery.

Catapults, flying saucers, and guillotines are all possible, the network notes.

“We wanted to craft a show that puts the process of problem solving and ingenuity front and center, and we’ve done exactly that with Unchained Reaction,” Savage said.

Each week, Jamie and Adam will be joined by a guest judge to decide which team impressed the most with their innovation and how much spectacle they can create. The series will premiere in March on Discovery.

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