Apparently Kathy Griffin’s resolution was “Eat right, lose clothes.” The funnylady stopped by Late Night last night and…well…one thing led to another. Recounting her Times Square surprise strip attack on CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, she offhandedly told David Letterman, “I’ll do it right now.” The host called her bluff, and suddenly Griffin was unzipping for applause. Let’s just say this time around, she wasn’t nearly as stealthy or prepared, though the decision to go commando to avoid panty lines did make things a lot more dangerous. Watch the clip after the jump.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Do you prefer Cooper’s bulging-eyed horror or Letterman’s snark when it comes to Griffin baring her self-proclaimed “bangin’ bikini body”? Was the shtick as funny this time around as it was on Dec. 31? At least she had on a hot bra, right?

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