At Last
Credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

It’s impossible to remember the late Etta James and not think about her song “At Last.” When EW named the 50 best love songs in 2005, it came in at No. 14. I remember writing the entry: “It’s not the first rendition of this 1942 tune, but Etta’s is the finest, thanks to a strong, sensual delivery that says (or is it shouts?) I deserve this! No wonder every bride on earth thinks it was written just for her.” The lyrics are so simple, her voice and string section so triumphant — no song captures the jubilation of knowing you’ve found love better.

Share your memories of the song below.

Because we’ve found ourselves debating whether 70 percent or 80 percent of people have been to a wedding where the song was either sung during the ceremony or used for the first dance:

And because I still think Lauren Froderman’s solo routine to the song on So You Think You Can Dance was the perfect embodiment of it:

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