Johnny Depp Shadows
Credit: Peter Mountain

If you wanted to get closer to Johnny Depp’s Barnabas Collins in our official first look at the cast of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows last fall, here’s your chance. Warner Bros. has released this closeup of Depp (and his vampire nails). Is it just me, or does he look younger than he did in The Tourist?

Barnabas Collins is an 18th century gentleman who was transformed against his will into a vampire and buried in a tomb — until he’s uncovered by construction workers in the year 1972. As screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith told EW last year, he’s still a ladies man. “In some sense he can be a terrifying killer; on the other hand, women have a weakness for him and he has a weakness for women … He can be a very well-mannered, well-meaning vampire most of the time, until his stomach is empty or someone challenges his beloved Collins family.”

What do you think? Success?

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