From their first meeting, Leonard and Penny’s beauty and the geek story was a special one. Though he lacked the self-confidence to actually ask the bold, blonde beauty from across the hall out on a date, you knew that deep down, his heart knew it was possible.

Last night, as some of you commenters pointed out, we saw a totally different side of Leonard. Confident. Unashamed of his feelings. And… in a way… sort of better-looking than we’ve ever seen him. (Now, let’s not get Leonard confused with Johnny Galecki, who, in person, is a pretty slick guy.) It seemed like the producers wanted to show us just how far Leonard had come in 100 episodes, without one of his friends (or Leonard himself) telling us so. If that was the goal, mission accomplished.

And in watching Leonard at his best, I felt as though I was also watching Leonard and Penny (as a couple) at their best, too — not including what we saw in their daydream states. I’d be lying if I said that my heart didn’t skip a beat when Leonard, looking at Penny from the hallway, walked right up to her apartment door — just as we’d seen him do in his vision — and ask her out on a date. Did you think this through, she asked. He had… and he was doing it anyway.

I’m not sure how many of you know scientists — oddly, I know a few. And if there’s one thing I know about them, it’s that they think things over and come to a conclusion that they always trust. Leonard had the guts to go against his conclusion — against his hypothesis — for the sake of Penny. There’s no theorem to explain that, folks. It’s just love.

For that reason and many more, the night ranked in my top three favorite Leonard and Penny moments of the entire series. And so my question is, PopWatchers, where’d it rank on yours? Did you overthink it quite like I did and rank it high above many other classics? Or are there still others that top it?

Sound off below.

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