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January 20, 2012 at 06:55 AM EST

I have to admit that the second episode of season 6 was a little underwhelming compared to the stellar premiere. Still, have I mentioned I freaking love this show? In case you missed the memo, I do. And sadly, I think it’s because Liz Lemon and I are essentially the same person. Yeah, I just admitted that. And John Francis Donaghy is totally in my head reminding me what a terrible person I am.

Anyway, we finally met Liz’s new boyfriend, Criss. That’s Criss with no H and two S’s. They were clearly meant for each other because they had a completely serious conversation about Tivo noises. (Boop boop! Bom bom.) They were celebrating their three-month anniversary of being together, and the two-week anniversary of Liz going to the bathroom with Criss in the apartment. Very important milestones! Criss documented the occasion by giving Liz the same gender-neutral doll, Terry, she had as a child. He/she came complete with his/her baseball glove and baby! Also, it must be noted that Terry was dressed exactly like present-day Liz Lemon. Probably not a coincidence.

Jack confronted Liz about her secret boyfriend, and was offended that she tried to hide the truth from him. She just knew that Jack wouldn’t approve of her new squeeze. But the seed had already been planted. Jack was totally in her head! Hologram Jack appeared pointing out all the negative things about Criss. (Of note: A Sunglasses Hut credit card with an $80 maximum!) But real Jack pointed out that he couldn’t ever approve of Criss as long as he never had the chance to meet him. Liz just wanted Jack to hop on board the Criss train. Is that too much to ask?

Meanwhile, in a great example of art mimicking life, Tracy Jordan was under fire for making inappropriate homophobic comments. So the gay community was boycotting NBC, and specifically TGS. In an attempt to make amends, Tracy called Glad to apologize. Unfortunately, Glad and GLAAD are two very different things. Liz had to swoop in with damage control. And it wasn’t an easy task because the gay community is, in fact, the most organized of all the communities. So she issued an apology that included the following line: “He’s just an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

Little did she know with that simple apology she’d be opening up a whole new can of worms by offending the idiot community. Since Tracy is a card-carrying member of the aforementioned idiots, he was offended by Liz’s apology. And with the tables turned, he organized his own protest against NBC. He rounded up all the idiots (you know, frat guys, DJs, loud-mouth old bitches, investment bankers, the tramp stamps, parrot heads, anti-vaccination crusaders, and people who won’t shut up about scuba diving) and their spokesperson, Denise Richards. Even worse, TGS‘ main demographic are idiots… followed by pets whose owners have died, Jet Blue passengers who fall asleep with the TV on, and black nerds. Ooops!

NEXT: Jenna and Kenneth accidentally poison Pete and the night’s best lines

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