Creator Michael Patrick King gets into it with reporters over one-dimensional minority characters


Insults, accusations, lurid sex slang. Now this is how you promote a sitcom! CBS’ press tour panel for 2 Broke Girls turned into a riveting verbal brawl last week after critics accused the hit comedy’s showrunner, Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City), of indulging in racial stereotypes. ”The big story about race on our show is that so many are represented,” King countered. But that wasn’t enough for critics, who chided the exec producer for what they called one-dimensional minority characters (”I’ll call you in five years, and you will have accrued enough time to see if these characters have become fully fleshed out,” King shot back). When the critics weren’t quizzing King on race, they were putting him on the defensive about Girls‘ raunchy humor (”I consider our jokes really ‘classy dirty,”’ King replied). When he noted that he’s gay yet includes ”gay stereotypes” on his show, a peeved reporter responded: ”Does being a part of one traditionally disenfranchised group give you carte blanche to make fun of other traditionally disenfranchised groups?” News of the panel fight quickly spread on Twitter: ”Anyone got a bootleg DVD of that 2 Broke Girls panel?” tweeted The Shield creator Shawn Ryan. ”Hell, I’ll take a shaky cell-phone video….”

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