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January 19, 2012 at 03:25 PM EST
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Whitney Cummings, who knows a thing or two about getting reactions from the Internet, has come to the defense of Lana Del Rey and her polarizing Saturday Night Live performance. The actress-comedian, who joins Daniel Radcliffe on Team Del Rey, felt compelled to write a post on her blog regarding the singer. Cummings wrote she “get[s] very protective of girls, especially young performers” and reiterated that critics should “cut some slack” because it’s “hard to entertain people and it takes a lot of work.”

While Cummings said she understands why many, particularly musicians, argued that the 24-year-old had no business being on SNL in the first place (Del Rey, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant and is the daughter of millionaire Rob Grant, irked skeptics because of her privileged background and complete image revamp after her first album, Lana Del Rey, was scrapped from iTunes) she still likes what the singer is offering. “I am intrigued by Lana Del Rey. She seems very odd and self-made and scrappy, which I like,” Cummings wrote, before concluding, “Let’s forgive her for being human and all be kinder to each other. Let’s all just have more love and less venom all around, eh?”

It’s not often an artist’s lambasted performance helps their cause, but in the case of  Del Rey, her Internet backlash (which included  disses from the likes of Brian Williams, Juliette Lewis, Eliza Dushku, and Perez Hilton) could do just that. With the exception of superstar acts, it’s hard to imagine an album that’s had more pre-release chatter than her Born to Die, which comes out Jan. 30.

Whether or not the backlash and the subsequent backlash-backlash will hurt or help Del Rey remains to be seen. While Ashlee Simpson’s musical career never seemed to recover from her SNL flub ( readers place her over Del Rey as the all-time worst SNL musical guest, with over 54 percent of the votes) Del Rey’s new army of new supporters could very well be giving her another new image to work with: the Comeback Kid.

Do you think that all of the post-SNL discussion about Lana Del Rey is only helping her cause at this point, PopWatchers? Do you agree with Whitney Cummings’ statements that female performers are more harshly criticized than males? Or are you baffled by the recent wave of support for the singer? Share in the comments section below.

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