When EW’s TV staff sat down to decide what to feature on our Winter TV Preview cover, the discussion repeatedly came back the one show we couldn’t stop talking about: ABC’s buzzy prime-time soap, Revenge. Throughout the fall, the new series — we refer to it as “TV’s greatest guilty pleasure” — had provided a multitude of outrageous cliff-hangers and OMG! moments that had the tongues of viewers wagging constantly.

However, there was one big question: Could Revenge possibly continue to sizzle so much in the coming months? EW is happy to report that, yes — after talking to the show’s players for our cover, featuring romantic leads Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) — Revenge has only just begun to rev its engine, which is full of explosive revelations that will delight fans all the way through to its May season finale. This week’s cover story previews the drama’s upcoming new episodes — a jaw-dropping pair airing Feb. 8 and Feb. 15 — where we’ll finally learn what actually happened in the deadly beach scene outside Emily and Daniel’s engagement party that opened the series’ juicy September pilot, which then flashed back and followed Emily as she embarked on her journey of revenge against her enemies.

There are so many questions: Who’s dead? Who’s the killer? How does everyone we’ve come to know and love — and love to hate — on Revenge fit into this mess? We do our best to answer those, and break out the 10 things we’re most looking forward to in the coming episodes of Revenge, in this week’s issue. Here a few of those juicy points to whet your appetite:

• VILLAINS RETURN: Tyler (Ashton Holmes) and Amanda (Margarita Levieva), gone for good? Think again. They’ll both return and “decide to start f—ing with Emily, and they’ve got new, different agendas,” reveals Revenge creator Mike Kelley. “Emily’s got a number of enemies at this point with bones to pick.”

• THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY: The glimpse of Revenge‘s biggest blowout we got in the series’ September premiere was just that: a taste. Expect that night to play out in full on the Feb. 15 episode, which — considering the dead body on the beach outside Grayson Manor — is fittingly titled “Chaos.” Someone will be arrested for the murder, and someone will be dead. Plus, Kelly promises one bombshell in the great reveal that no one could anticipate. “I don’t think anyone will have guessed it,” he says, “but we’ll see.”

• ONE STEAMY LOVE TRIANGLE: Expect increased tension between Daniel, Emily, and Jack (Nick Wechsler) as Revenge continues its journey. “Everything that happens on the beach that night will forever alter the course of Emily’s romantic ties to both Jack and Daniel,” Kelley says cryptically. Adds Wechsler: “Jack is starting to want to fight for Emily himself.”

For a little more insight, we also caught up with the Revenge cast — VanCamp, Bowman, and Wechsler — at our photo shoot. Watch below for a look inside the fun that day, plus a little perspective from the folks who bring these characters to life:

For all 10 things we’re looking forward to about Revenge — as well as all the scoop on new shows including Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch and Jennifer Lopez’s ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen and returning faves such as Glee and Cougar Town — pick up EW’s Winter TV Preview issue, on stands Jan. 20.

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