Credit: Jordin Althaus/Fox

The Finder might have had some less than thrilling ratings last week, but Michael Clarke Duncan is nothing but excited about what’s coming up on the show in the upcoming weeks.

For one, there will be more talk of his character, Leo, and more details on the bond he shares with Walter (Geoff Schultz), the uniquely gifted detective at the center of the show. “Walter sort of changed his life around,” says Duncan, best known for his work in movies like The Green Mile and Sin City. “Leo was this real high-class lawyer, overweight, big fat cat. And then he was going to go do this deed, Walter talked him out of it.” The deed, as mentioned in last week’s episode, was revenge. After his family was murdered, Leo set out to seek retribution when he crossed paths with Walter, who went on to become his best friend. (And, as he says in the video interview below, his bro-mantic bond with Schultz on screen isn’t too far from their real relationship.)

And though Leo is now reformed from his angry ways — for one, he’s playing surrogate father to a troublemaking gypsy (Maddie Hasson) — Duncan teased that his docile ways should not be misconceived as weakness. “Leo’s going to have his moments,” he says. “We’ve been talking about Leo having some insane moments.”

Click below to see Duncan talk about Leo and Walter, Leo’s adoration for the young Willa, and dish on the one thing that Bones star David Boreanaz gets to do that creator Hart Hanson forbid him from doing!

The Finder airs tonight on Fox.

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