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Stephen Colbert is going to bring the Cain back to the GOP race. The Colbert Report host and eventual President of South Carolina announced on his show Wednesday night that he will be holding the spectacularly titled Rock Me Like a Herman Cain: South Cain-Olina Primary Rally in Charleston, S.C., on Friday, Jan. 20, at 1 p.m.

The event, which the South Carolina native assured will not only be even better than 2010’s Rally to Restore Sanity and Jon Stewart-free (a good thing considering they’re definitely not coordinating with each other for the Super PAC), but will also have none other than Herman Cain on hand to lead the cry that a vote for him is really a way to get the wheels in motion for Colbert’s campaign. (While Colbert promised there will be speeches, cheerleaders, and a marching band, pizza was suspiciously not mentioned.)

The Colbert Nation sent out a release which read: “Attention world, particularly the South Carolina part: For week now, Stephen Colbert has been calling on South Carolinians who share his values to vote for Herman Cain during this Saturday’s historic GOP primary. Actually, he hasn’t called on all South Carolinians yet; he’s only up to ‘Brabham’ in the Charleston phone book.”

In support of their “non-candidacies,” Cain and Colbert’s “unique voices will declare that they are the same man. Indeed, if you close your eyes and don’t listen, they are hard to tell apart.” Colbert once again urged, “all undecided voters to vote for Cain,” adding, “9-9-9.” Watch the announcement on The Colbert Report with all the full details of the rally, as well as the latest ad from the Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC, here:

Will you be attending Stephen Colbert’s South Carolina — sorry Cain-Olina– rally? Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine you’d be reunited with Herman Cain so quickly after he suspended his campaign? Does Colbert have a legitimate shot at this thing? Has The Colbert Report finally trumped The Daily Show in election coverage this year thanks to this latest stunt? Share in the comments section below.

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