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How much can we ever really know or understand the enigma that is Nicole ‘Snooki‘ Polizzi? She is a best-selling author whose choice in skivvies (or, more often times than not, lack thereof) is something we’ve all unwillingly become all too familiar with and a self-proclaimed meatball whose battle cry sounds not unlike the sirens of the police cars she’s been taken away in, but the Snooks still remains one of life’s great mysteries. (Mostly of the ‘How?!’ ‘Why?!’ variety.)

And just when we thought maybe we had Snooki pegged, the lover of Jionnis and crocadillies and belching on national television surprised fans with a stunning new revelation: She actually looks like a human person. On Wednesday, Snooki tweeted a photo of herself sans makeup and the reality star received a flurry of compliments from the Internet regarding her au naturel beauty look. While we’ve seen Snooki tone down her over-the-top Jersey-fied look before, the latest photo felt refreshingly authentic. (Hey, one of the main themes of Jersey Shore is the vague motto to “Keep it real,” so she’s nothing if not honorable in doing that.)

Much like seeing Lady Gaga out of her kooky getups, it’s refreshing to see Snooki free of hair poufs, spray tans, and pounds of makeup. While it’s sincerely doubtful that the Jersey Shore star will re-brand herself as the girl-next-door with the series unquestionably running out of its Ron-Ron Juice this season, maybe it’s in her best interest to go against her every instinct and tone it down. Waaaah.

What do you think of Snooki without makeup, PopWatchers? Or is her Jersey Shore look her very essence? Is she this decade’s Elvira ? Is a Snooki without poufs and tans a Snooki divided? A meatball rolling through life with no real direction? Share your complex thoughts in the pressing issue in the comments section below.

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