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Penny’s long-standing declaration that it’s the Year of Penny may actually come true in 2012, but I’m going to go ahead and declare this the Episode of Penny. While Zachary Knighton put in a valiant effort to make it the Episode of Dave, this was Casey Wilson’s best Penny outing yet.

After going through another dating disaster, Penny unwisely took advice from functioning lunatic Jane (the relentlessly funny Eliza Coupe) to nab a fixer-upper fellow and change him into an ideal gentleman like she did with Brad. I don’t know which visual I loved more, physical-comedy champ Damon Wayans Jr. falling onto a series of mouse traps while attempting to make his own prank show “Blackass,” or imagining his college tub being filled with 311 CDs. Full disclosure: Between 311, Sugar Ray, and Korn, I can say with total certainty I would have been friends with Brad and Jane in college.

And speaking of college, Penny’s dopey new boyfriend Jeff (Party Down’s dopey Ryan Hansen) was straight out of a dorm room. Despite being in his thirties, Jeff wore shower shoes (with socks… in a bar), called everyone “Dog,” and used a beer sign as a bed light. While Penny’s Jane-approved plan to trick her beau into changing worked at first, his new-and-improved status only sent him back into the arms of his ex. Okay, so probably not the Year of Penny, but still she’s still giving it her all.

Elsewhere, Alex and Max (who aside from Jane and Brad are quickly becoming my favorite pairing on the show) put their stakeout days behind them to start their new venture in interventions. After watching too many hoarding and addiction shows, those hilarious cuckoo birds decide to tackle Dave’s ongoing v-neck addiction. While Dave denied his problem at first (which, if you’ve watched enough episodes of the addictive Intervention, you know all too well is a sure-fire sign of addiction) Alex and Max’s wildly inappropriate “inter-vee-ntion”/”interventveen” made him come to terms with his favorite item of clothing. Sadly, despite Alex and Max’s best efforts, Dave fell back into his v-shaped shame spiral. (Leave it to Happy Endings to keep me in stitches until the very last second when we learned that, “Three hours later Dave Rose relapsed. He was last seen roaming an outlet mall, looking for that sweet v-neck high.”)

I feel like I say this every week, but I really did love this episode, PopWatchers. This week was especially great because, much like “The Code War” and “Spooky Endings” all of the storylines were home runs. Last week’s episode, while entertaining as usual, fell a little flat with the Dave and Penny’s parents dating plot. But with gems like Alex not knowing what a baker’s dozen was and later pulling a Jeff VanVonderen/Candy Finnigan by asking Dave if he was “willing to accept the help we’re offering today” during his inter-vee-ntion, I fully admit I’m addicted to this show.

Here’s some of the best lines from last night’s Happy Endings episode “Makin’ Changes!”:

— “Every choice you make about everything in your life is monumentally wrong” — Jane to Penny

— “He’s got a soul patch… in a bar!” — Penny, making a valid point about why Jeff is a “scrub”

— “It’s like he’s squatting in a vacant Bennigans” — Penny, on Jeff’s bachelor pad

— “Oh my god, did I ruin your hockey costume?” — Penny, after spilling coffee on Jeff’s hockey jersey

— “I get vee in this vee” — Dave, crudely explaining why he couldn’t part ways with his date night v-neck

— “Ooh, I wish my last name was a cookie!” — Alex, after an Alyssa Milano reference

— “It’s like having a surprise party for someone who is going to hate you” — Alex, on interventions

— “What an inappropriate forum for a long and boring story” — Max to Dave during his interventveen

What was your favorite moment or line from last night’s hilarious Happy Endings? Share in the comments section below!

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