Don’t watch this trailer around your kids. Or your boss. (Unless they’re awesome.)

And don’t watch this if you believe the man who steered our nation out of the Great Depression, helped lead the Allies to victory over fascism in World War II, and strengthened America’s social safety net through Social Security deserves to be treated with only total, unwavering respect.

But if you like your history served with a hefty helping of crack, then by all means — enjoy this profanity and blood soaked trailer for FDR: American Badass, starring Barry Bostwick as the man with the cigarette holder clenched in his smile.

If the Tim Burton-produced Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the responsible older brother who went to college, started a nice family, and went on to a great and respectable career, then FDR: American Badass is the drug-addled little bro who gets arrested for disorderly conduct every time he leaves his parents’ basement. I mean both of those things as compliments.

Right now, FDR: AB doesn’t have a release date, but it may play an upcoming festival and sales agents are negotiating with studios to secure distribution for this landmark of American cinema. So watch the trailer embedded after the jump, and click through for EW’s exclusive Q&A with director Garrett Brawith, as well as a first-look at this movie’s take on Abe Lincoln, a.k.a. Hercules star Kevin Sorbo.


GARRETT BRAWITH: Just to satisfy those who think the trailer is fake: It’s real, so yes, there is a God. And people keep asking why we’d make a movie where the 32nd president’s wheelchair shoots rockets and blows away Nazi werewolves but the answer’s always the same. For the children. We do it for the children.

This is obviously based on a true story. What kind of research did you and screenwriter Ross Patterson do to bring this saga in American history to the screen?

Research is the most important part of any project, so we drank four and a half gallons of ether and watched a doc on the History Channel. That night, we spoke to FDR. Or the cops. It’s all a little fuzzy.

Barry Bostwick finds out he has contracted polio from a werewolf bite and asks “Does my c–k still work?” What did you do to prevent him from laughing and ruining every take? (Did it involve actually doing something to his you-know-what? Because that looked like some method acting.)

Barry Bostwick is a genius. We were never worried about him. It was the cast, the crew, and ourselves we had to worry about. It’s hard to shoot a scene when the camera man can’t keep a straight face. And although we didn’t hurt Barry’s you-know what, we did threaten to. It just makes the scene that much deeper, ya know?

Kevin Sorbo plays Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s ghost? Cloned Lincoln? Zombie Lincoln? Dream Lincoln? Time-traveling Lincoln? What kind of Lincoln situation are we dealing with in this movie?

We’d first worked with Kevin on Poolboy: Drowning Out The Fury [a movie about a ’90s movie about a Rambo-esque vet who kicks ass and cleans pools] and he blew our faces off. FDR was our chance to put him and Barry together, like the perfect storm of comic brilliance. They’re still some of my favorite scenes. FDR, in an altered state, shall we say, gets a visit from Honest Abe, the original American Badass. Some people think it’s irreverent, but I just think they’re p—–s.

The upcoming movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — friend or foe?

Twilight proved that werewolves are so much more badass than vampires. And they don’t cry or sparkle like the front row of a Justin Bieber concert. But there’s room for everybody at this party.

Since this film makes fun of serious things like Nazis, polio, and people who use wheelchairs, what will be your response if no one is offended?

I’d be offended. But trust me, there’s no danger of that. Pretty much everyone gets it on the chin in this one. That’s how we give back to our audience. By finding a way to p–s off every one of them at least once. You’re welcome.

What are you doing to protect yourself from the real FDR rising up from the grave and strangling you and everyone involved in the making of this movie?

If he was alive today, I think he’d thank us. But I still lock the doors just in case.

Final question — Seriously, WTF?

You’re probably right, but it was a great excuse to get Lin Shaye [Eleanor Roosevelt], Bruce McGill [the president’s hunting buddy], William Mapother [the doctor], Ray Wise [Gen. Douglas MacArthur] and Paul Ben-Victor [Mussolini] together in the same insane movie. If it doesn’t make you laugh, well… you probably suck. You should ask around.

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